Service and after sales

Our service department is available 24/7.

We understand the importance of equipment and fleet availability and the need to reduce downtime. We have a good team of mechanical / hydraulic and electrical / software service engineers. They are ready to travel at short notice wherever it may be. 

Our service team are also earmarked for commissioning, FAT, HAT and SAT. The team is under continuous training on old and new components.

We can offer:

• Annual inspection and 5-year control on Life Raft and MOB davits.

• Inspection and recertification of hydraulic and electric cranes.

• Inspection on hatches and hangar doors.

• Inspection of anchor and mooring winches.





After Sales department.

 For purchases and sales, we have people who negotiate prices and delivery times. We always try to push down the price and reduce the delivery time. For larger purchases to old customers, we want to give good discounts. 

For service and more information, we can be reached at:

Phone: +47 459 19 094