Pedestal Cranes

Antarctic Provider kraner Aukra Maritime

Customized tailor made AUKRA pedestal crane models of a variety of designs and capacities for operation in a challenging environment. Common for all the cranes is robust and rigid construction of the best quality materials: extensive use of stainless steel, high quality components from reputable suppliers that offer a worldwide service network, and best possible surface treatment that includes metallization as standard. The product quality ensures reliable and continuous operation of the equipment for many years.

The different models are from the outset designed in accordance with the rules of DNV but may be supplied for certification by a number of classification societies.

All the cranes may be integrated in the AUKRA Multi Control System (AMCS) for operation from one single remote operating position or from one common portable radio remote control transmitter. 

ADKE Teleskopisk knekkarmskran - Aukra Maritime

ADKE - Knuckle Telescopic Boom Cranes

ADK knekkarmskran - Aukra Maritime

ADK - Knuckle Boom Cranes

ADKT Kompakt knekkarmskran Aukra Maritime

ADKT - Compact Knuckle Boom Cranes

ADFE teleskopisk fastarmskran- Aukra Maritime

ADFE - Fixed Telescopic Boom Cranes

ADFE teleskopisk fastarmskran- Aukra Maritime

Crane configuration with 3 winches

Aukra ADF fastarmskran

ADF - Fixed Boom Cranes

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