Tailor-Made Lifting and Handling Equipment for Offshore Industry.

Aukra Maritime - tailor-made
DNV GL Design
VPN Maintenance

Aukra Maritime is a supplier of innovative products within the maritime business. Marine cranes, davit systems, hydraulic operated gates and hatches, and deck equipment control systems. We supply both individual products and customized packaging solutions for fisheries & aquaculture.

Everything quality assured with our very high quality requirements.

Aukra Maritime rov door


Aukra ROV Doors

Aukra Maritime design and produce hydraulic operated ROV doors in different sizes. PLS control system.

Width up to 6 m
Height up to 11 m

Some of our products for offshore vessels

Aukra Foldekran med teleskop

Knuckle & Telescopic Cranes

Aukra Maritime fastbomkran

Fixed Boom Cranes

Aukra Maritime knekkarmkran

Knuckle Boom Cranes

Aukra Maritime AMDT boat davit


Aukra Maritime AMLR life-raft davit

AMLR life raft davit

Aukra Maritime DAVIT AWT


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