Kraner og luker til VARD 9 01 – kabelleggingsfartøy for NCT Offshore!

Vi er stolte over at VARD og NCT Offshore har valgt å utruste sitt nye kabelleggingsfartøy med AUKRA kraner og luker. Fartøyet er et VARD 9 01 design og er spesialdesignet av Vard Design i Ålesund. Skroget skal bygges ved Vard Tulcea i Romania, mens den endelige utrustningen, idriftsettelse og levering vil bli utført av av VARDs verft i Norge.

Specially designed and equipped

This VARD 9 01 has been specially designed and equipped for subsea cable laying operations in close collaboration with NCT Offshore, and with a high focus on good sea-keeping capabilities, excellent station keeping performances and low fuel consumption. For improved sustainability the vessel will be equipped with a complete SeaQ power and control package, encompassing batteries, switchboards, and shore connection, allowing for reduction in fuel consumption and increased operability. All this will be operated from the SeaQ bridge with focus on ease of operation, safety, and ergonomics. Further, the vessel is fitted with two main cable tanks, T-ROV hangar, walk-to-work system, is prepared for a large A-frame and single-cabin accommodation for 60 persons. 

The cable layer is scheduled for delivery in Q4 2024.

Technical information

• Length of approximately 95 meters and a beam of about 21,5 meters.
• Cable installation equipment including cable carousels for taking a total of 4 500 tons of cables.
• State-of-the-art DP2 positioning and seakeeping systems.
• Bollard pull in excess of 60 tons. 
• Maximum transit speed will exceed 14 knots. 
• Hybrid package.
• Single cabins for 60 pax.