Marine lifting and handling equipment

Preferred by leading shipowners.

Customized tailor made AUKRA lifting and handling equipment for operation in a challenging environment are preferred by leading shipowners. Common for all the equipment is robust and rigid constructions of the best quality materials: extensive use of stainless steel, high quality components from reputable suppliers that offer worldwide service network, and best possible surface treatment that includes metallization as standard. The product quality ensures reliable and continuous operation of the equipment for many years.

Our product portfolio includes cranes, davits, gates, hatches and control systems for lifting and handling operations.


Lifting and handling equipment for fishboats. Designed to meet the owner’s operational requirements in a challenging environment.

Lifting and handling equipment for aquaculture vessels. Designed to meet the owner’s operational requirements in a challenging environment.

Innovative lifting and handling systems for expedition cruises.

Customized tailor made lifting and handling solutions for offshore vessels.

Specialists in customized tailor made lifting and handling equipment for operation in a challenging environment

Norwegian Quality

Norway is recognized worldwide for its competence and expertise in the maritime and offshore industry. At Aukra Maritime, we work closely together with our clients to create state-of-the-art solutions for better and safer operations. We have a long tradition and several years of experience in custom designed and specifically built lifting and handling solutions for use on board cargo vessels, expedition cruise vessels, aquaculture vessels, offshore vessels and fishing vessels.

ISO 9001 Standard

We are ISO 9001 certified and have a proven track record for consistently providing products and services that meet with customer and regulatory requirements. Our cranes and davits are designed according to DNV standards and can be customized to meet with client requirements.  

We understand the importance of equipment, fleet availability and the need to reduce downtime. Our spare parts and service crew can be of assistance worldwide at short notice if needed.

Aukra Maritime- Norwegian Quality

Norwegian Quality

Ever since the Viking Age, Norwegians have used what the ocean have to offer. Norway is well known for its shipyards and marine industry.

DNV GL Design

All cranes and davits are built according to DNV GL standards.

Aukra Maritime - tailor-made


Our products can be adjusted according to different needs. All lifting and handling are designed and buildt specially for use onboard vessels.


AUKRA leverer kraner for maritime fartøy

Cranes in stock

Aukra Maritime supplies a variety of different crane models suitable for usage on different marine vessels. We now have several cranes ready for delivery. Contact Einar

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Aukra Maritime - Nor-Shipping 2022

Meet us at Nor-Shipping 2022

We are looking forward to this years Nor-Shipping. Nor-Shipping is the meeting place for globally leading maritime players, technology innovators, investors, and all the stakeholders

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