Boat Landing System

AUKRA Boat Landing System is designed for safe, flexible and efficient transport of personell. The system is based on a pipe-in-pipe design enabling it to be hydraulically adjusted according to the draft of the vessel and the Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV).


AUKRA Boat Landing System is installed in 2 sections as detachable landing pipes, leaving only doubling plates on the outside of the vessel hull when dismounted. Its lower landing pipe is installed by bolting to an interface flange and the upper landing pipe is installed using a pin-type connector. 


Personnel transferring between the vessel/CTV do so by climbing the ladder in between the landing pipes. The personnel is secured with a lifting harness attached to a beam installed above the door to access the pipes. 


The system has a design load of 20000 kg and a vertical adjustment of 2460 mm.


New Boat Landing System for ULSTEIN SX222 TWIN X-STERN design at OLYMPIC Offshore Wind vessels.

New Boat Landing System for safe transport of personnel to/from ULSTEIN SC222 design på 2 stk OLYMPIC Offshore wind vessels.

“We have cooperated closely with both Ulstein and Olympic in the details of this new Boat Landing System and are very eager to start the work” states Per Arne Rindarøy, managing director of Aukra Maritime.

The vessels are planned for delivery during spring and summer 2024.

Einar Ravn Støvreide

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