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Cranes on stock

Please contact our sales manager for more information.
Einar Ravn Støvreide, Dir +47 71 17 17 03, Mobile +47 959 37 108

HMC441a8 - Crane for Quick Delivery

Max Lifting Range - 1220 kg på 20,80 m.

DAVIT – AMD3700 - Quick Delivery

The AMD davit systems are designed for the safe and efficient launch and retrieval of MOB rescue boats. The davit system is designed for long time operation in tough and corrosive marine/offshore environments.
The davit is type approved according to SOLAS/IMO requirements, with EC -Type examination certificate.


AK 16 HE4 - Quick Delivery Time

HS.Marine AK16 HE4

Maximum outreach - 595 kg on 13,28 m.

Working Diagram (PDF)

AK 13 HE4 - Quick Delivery Time

HS.Marine AK 13 HE4

Maximum outreach - 440 kg on 13,29 m.

Working Diagram (PDF)

AK 10 NE2 - Sold

HS.Marine AK NE2

Maximum outreach - 762 kg on 8,94 m.

Working Diagram (PDF)